Filmmakers Self Distribute your Film, TV, or Web Series at Nandar.TV

Nandar Pictures puts Filmmakers in charge! Self Distribute your film, TV or Webseries at Nandar.TV.

Earn revenues on your film by self distributing on our site. It's easy to get started. Yes, you can get distribution for your title! Here's how:

1) Join our Partner Portal - send a request to with your name, company name and request PARTNER PORTAL instructions
2) When you get the link from us, sign into the dashboard and begin uploading your titles, posters, stills, trailers and meta data
3) Set the release date for your film or series. 
4) Choose how to distribute your title - subscription based, VOD, both or a physical DVD. 
5) Promote your title on your social media, by email to family and friends and in the press with a link right to your film on our platform.

Did you know, Nandar TV pays the same streaming rates as Amazon?  Filmmakers and Distributors are paid monthly. Ninety days after the month end, we issue checks for all sales less our distribution split of 50/50.  You always know what to expect each month as your dashboard keeps track of the daily views and sales in real time. With Nandar Pictures Partner Portal, filmmakers have the ability to easily track their title's performance. I

Filmmakers/Distributors Streaming Payout:

•             Tier 1: 0 - 99,999 hours streamed, $0.06/hour
•             Tier 2: 100,000 - 499,999 hours streamed, $0.10/hour
•             Tier 3: 500,000 - 999,999 hours streamed, $0.15/hour
•             Tier 4: 1,000,000+ hours streamed, $0.06/hour

Buy and Rent VOD:

Content providers receive 50% of net revenue from all VOD sales.

Aggregate Services:

We provide aggregate services on hundreds of platforms. If the content you upload would fit other platforms, we will reach out with additional digital and DVD options for your film. 

Traditional Distribution:

If we believe we can distribute your film on a larger scale including theatrical releases, exposure in major retailers and VOD platforms, we will reach out with a comprehensive low-fee (25%) distribution deal. Working with Nandar Pictures on this platform is a win-win situation. 

Distributors, email for your Partner Portal access and upload your entire catalog. To get started email us your partner portal request to

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